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Sales Workshops
Professional Selling Skills (Available On-Demand)

This three-day comprehensive "Road to a Sale" program is a must for all salespeople. Designed to provide salespeople a solid foundation upon which to build a successful career. Participants will learn both interpersonal and consultative selling skills, as well as how to gain early control of the sales process, the importance of a proper reception, how to conduct an effective consultation, how to perform a dynamic value-building product presentation and demonstration, how to transition from the demo to the write-up, how to walk the trade, fundamentals of closing, how to T/O, proper delivery procedures, and follow up techniques that get results. Every step of the sales process is role-played to insure individual confidence & retention.

Selling Used Vehicles (Available On-Demand)

Salespeople who want to increase their income should attend this nationally acclaimed workshop and learn the keys to selling more used vehicles. This program demonstrates how to properly qualify the used vehicle prospect, how to select the right vehicle, how to present an dynamic value building used vehicle walk-around (on any brand), proper demonstration techniques, how to close on the customers objections & how to deliver more units at higher gross profits. This workshop prepares your salespeople to sell more vehicles in the largest segment in the industry.

Negotiating for Gross
(Available On-Demand)

In this workshop, attendees will learn non-confrontational negotiating techniques: how to ask for the order, isolate and finalize objections, winning negotiation strategies, power closing techniques, how to counter customer negotiating tactics, as well as a variety of proven price justifications that will close the sale.


This workshop will teach salespeople and managers to Master the negotiation process! After this workshop, your people will close more deals with confidence, leaving more profit in the deal and customer CSI will go through the roof! Success comes with being prepared.

Personal Business Development (Available On-Demand)

Top performers consistently earn more money, because they spend more time in front of qualified buyers. They come to work to work without relying on floor traffic, and they work by appointment.

In this workshop participants learn how to work by appointment, put in fewer hours pounding the pavement, spend more time in front of qualified buyers, dramatically improving their closing ratio, and produce above average gross profits. They will learn how to generate business like a pro by following these simple, yet effective strategies, such as: prospecting techniques, social media guidelines, discover how to capitalize on their natural markets, who to target, what to say, how to turn prospects into buyers, and how to plan and organize effective prospecting efforts. What a great way to insure success and long term retention!

Mastering Incoming Sales Calls (Available On-Demand)

LarryAre you satisfied with the "Show Ratio" from your phone-ups? Your closing ratio goes through the roof when appointments show and your ad dollars go out the window when they don't.

Master Incoming Sales Calls will not only have your people excited about the program, but they will be well trained and masters at getting callers off the phone and into the dealership!

Phone-ups are your Hottest Prospects and 90% of qualified callers buy within one week.

Don't miss this opportunity! Get everyone in the dealership on the same program and everyone will be Masters at Handling Incoming Sales Calls!

The classes will fill up quickly, so Sign Up Now!


Advanced Selling Skills (Available On-Demand)

Veteran salespeople sometimes find themselves in a rut, their production flattens out, and they begin to 'shortcut' the sales process. When this happens, they start writing too many 'mini deals,' or have difficulty working with today's informed consumer.Randy

In this fast track one-day workshop (designed for the experienced salesperson) we evaluate current selling techniques and formulate a plan to accelerate their sales and help them reach the next level of professionalism as well as master customer friendly (win-win) negotiating skills. There is no better way to recharge the batteries and learn new concepts!

Planning and Work Organization (Available On-Demand)

It's almost impossible to get anywhere without direction or a plan. In this half day workshop we will design a detailed plan for each individual attending this workshop. They will learn how to design a forecast and formulate a plan of action to achieve their personal and business goals.  We will design a daily, weekly, and monthly checklist to keep them on track allowing them to exceed their annual projections. This workshop is a must for all salespeople who want to succeed in this business.


Profit Building Product Presentations (Available On-Demand)

The secret to consistently closing a higher percentage of deals, earning higher income, and having more fun is all in a dynamic tailored "Profit Building Product Presentation!"


This workshop is designed to put the showmanship back into the product presentations, tailoring the presentation to the customers buying motives, getting the customer off price and excited about the vehicle.


Participants will learn product presentation techniques that will allow them to take control of the presentation, build confidence in their abilities, and ultimately close more deals. So don't wait any longer, signed up Now!

Leasing (Available On-Demand)

Leasing is making a comeback, yet many of today's salespeople are missing out on this opportunity because they don't know much about it. They weren't around during the booming lease market and as a result, they were never taught how to sell it. This 1/2 day workshop will get your salespeople up to speed on selling, presenting, and answer lease questions and objections with confidence. By attending this workshop they will close more lease deals, help shortening the customer's trade cycle and improve overall customer retention.

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