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Management Workshop

Professional Lube & Safety Inspection Technician
This five-day workshop will teach the complete job of an entry level lube technician. Areas covered include automotive lubricants and fluids, change oil and filter, inspect fluid levels and fluid condition, visual safety inspection, and rotate tires, as well as, E.P.A. regulations, basic hand tool identification and use. Utilizing both classroom and hands on lab exercises, this workshop provides the skills necessary for today’s lube technicians. This workshop will also lay a solid foundation for advancement within the service department.

Fundamentals of Braking Systems
In this five-day course attendees will learn about braking system and hydraulic operation, lining replacement, measurement, machining and component replacement for both disc/drum and 4-wheel disc systems. Disc machining will be covered with both on and off the car lathes. All areas utilize classroom instruction and hands on lab projects for each student.

Steering and Suspension Systems
The Steering and Suspension class is a five-day program dealing with suspension alignment, component identification, inspection, and alignment geometry. Utilizing classroom exercises and lab projects, students will train on the latest wheel alignment machines, and learn how to interpret alignment figures and diagnose alignment problems affecting vehicle control and tire wear.
Automotive Electrical Systems
In this course students learn the basic principles of automotive electrical systems and current flow. During the two-day course of study they will receive practical knowledge of the use and testing of various components such as switches, fuses, relays and solenoids, as well as how to use a Digital Volt Ohm meter to test simple electrical circuits. Students will use classroom and lab projects to learn how to read wiring diagrams and perform proper wire repair.
Batteries, Starting and Charging Systems
This two-day course will cover principles and operation of today’s starters, alternators and batteries. Students will learn, through classroom and hands-on projects, how to perform various tests; voltage drop, parasitic draw, current output and usage. Proper inspection, maintenance and replacement of these same vital components will also be included.
Fundamentals of Heating, A/C and Ventilation Systems
The two-day HVAC course will deal with the principles of heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems of today’s vehicles. Air conditioning theory, as well as component identification will be covered. Basic testing, recovery, recharging and replacement requirements will be explored. Though independent testing will be required to repair such systems, the required areas will be covered during classroom and hands on training.
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