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Professional Selling Skills
Consumers today are more demanding, better informed and less tolerant of unskilled, uninformed and unprofessional salespeople. In order to succeed in this environment new hires should be taught to sell with a professional, straight forward, non-confrontational sales approach.

Professional Selling Skills is a three-day comprehensive program designed to provide new salespeople with a solid foundation upon which to build a successful career. In this workshop participants are taught both interpersonal and consultative selling skills. They will learn how to gain early control of the sales process, how to conduct an effective consultation, how to perform a dynamic, value- building product presentation and test drive, how to 'walk the trade', the fundamentals of closing, as well as how to T/O, handle the delivery and follow owners.



Selling Used Vehicles
Many salespeople avoid working the used car lot. They are uncomfortable selling vehicles that have little or no warranty, are unable to deal with age, condition and miles, are unfamiliar with off-brands, and are unsure of how to land prospects on vehicles that are affordable.

Salespeople who want to increase their income should attend this nationally acclaimed one-day workshop and learn the keys to selling more used vehicles. We will show them how to meet and qualify the used car prospect, land them on the right car, make an effective used car walk-around (on any brand), how to justify the trade appraisal against internet figures, and provide tips on closing more sales at higher gross profits.
Negotiating for Gross
Some buyers today are better negotiators. Some just HATE
negotiations. Both dislike the high-pressure, manipulative tactics of the past. Today's buyers have more product choices and access to more information than ever before. Couple that with the reduction in dealer markup, it's no wonder gross profits are shrinking.

In order to compete successfully in this buyer's market, salespeople and managers need to sharpen their closing and negotiating skills. In MAADA's one-day workshop, attendees learn how to ask for the order and get it, how to isolate and finalize objections. They will also learn winning negotiation strategies, power closes, negotiation tactics and counter tactics, as well as a variety of price justifications.
Personal Business Development
Top performers earn more money because they spend more time in front of qualified buyers. They don't come to work to wait, they come to work to work. They don't rely on floor traffic for their living, they work by appointment.

Why not learn to take control of your future income. You too can work by appointment, put in fewer hours, spend more time in front of qualified buyers, dramatically improve your closing ratio and produce above average gross profits. Participants attending this one-day workshop will learn how to generate business like a pro by following these simple, yet effective strategies. They will learn prospecting techniques, discover how to capitalize on their natural markets, who to target, what to say, how to turn suspects into prospects, and how to plan and organize their prospecting efforts.
Mastering Incoming Sales Calls
Did you know that?
1. Phone ups are among your hottest prospects!
2. 90% of all qualified sales callers buy within one week!
3. The closing ratio on phone prospects who come in is 50%!
4. 90% of all sales calls end without an appointment!

Do you know what's happening with your incoming sales calls? If you'd like to get more of them through the door, then attend this half-day workshop where participants will learn to control the call without confrontation, handle product and price questions, respond to objections and close for a firm appointment.
Advanced Selling Skills
Veteran salespeople sometimes find themselves in a rut, their sales production has flattened out, they've begun to 'shortcut' the sales process, find themselves writing too many 'mini deals', or have difficulty working with today's informed consumer.

In this two-day workshop (designed for the experienced
we review and update selling techniques that will help them reach the next level of professionalism and teach them customer friendly (win-win) negotiating skills.
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