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Management Workshop

Managing the Sales Team
The most important and challenging part of the sales manager’s job is to ‘grow’ a winning team. Yet too many managers get caught up doing paperwork, operating the computer, sitting through endless meetings and complaining about how hard it is to find good salespeople. Why is it so difficult for sales managers to find and hire the right people, then train, coach and motivate them to peak performance?..... Because they must deal with different skill and talent levels, diverse age, gender and ethnic groups, as well as assorted personalities with varying levels of motivation - but most managers have had little, if any training to prepare them for these vital tasks.

In this one day workshop participants learn management’s primary purpose in the organization, how to avoid common mistakes which undermine their effectiveness, why salespeople fail (and how to prevent it), as well as how to coach their people for peak performance (one day).

Sales Management Development
In addition to the material covered in Managing the Sales Team above, this two-day program includes segments on hiring top performers and desking skills.

One of the biggest mistakes a manager can make is the ‘bad hire’. Each bad sales hire typically costs the dealership anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000. Yet sales turnover continues to remain high in our industry because few managers know how to recruit, interview and select the right people. If managers don’t hire effectively, how can they expect to manage effectively? In this workshop participants will learn the best recruiting practices, discover how to eliminate losers and identify potential winners in the interview.

Another key management role is to manage (desk) the deal. With a highly skilled sales staff this is not especially difficult. On the other hand, with a staff composed primarily of new hires and semi-skilled veterans the job becomes very demanding. In this program we will review the salesperson’s responsibilities in the close (what management should teach and expect), how to coach the salesperson (both new and experienced), when to take over (T/O) the deal, how to handle the T/O, then how to coach after the T/O.

Used Vehicle Management
In today’s volatile, highly competitive used vehicle market the hit-or-miss inventory management practices of the past aren’t good enough. New car incentives play havoc with used car values, more and more used car buyers turn to the internet to find the vehicle of choice, and manufacturers continue to introduce bargain-priced new cars that sell at used car prices.

In order to operate profitably in this climate the used car manager must be an expert at stocking the right inventory, in the right amount, at the right price, as well as be able to maximize inventory turn. If you’d like to learn how the best used car managers accomplish this then you should attend this program.

In this one-day workshop participants learn how to determine the right mix, to increase profitability through proper reconditioning, effective merchandising (both on-line and on-the-lot), how inventory turn effects net profit, how to calculate holding cost, break even age and ROI, as well as how to implement and manage an inventory turn strategy.
In addition, they will learn how to help their salespeople sell more used cars for higher gross profits.
Desking For Managers
Managers learn what they should expect from their salespeople prior to and during the close, how to coach them throughout the negotiation, when to takeover (T/O) the deal, how to handle the T/O and how to coach effectively after the T/O.
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